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Permanent Makeup


Using the nano machine stroke method SXCESS will draw individual strokes mimicking hairs into the skin, making them look like simulated hair strokes amongst your natural hairs. 

Whether your brows have been over-plucked, thin due to age or illness or you may simply just want to improve them in a subtle way then this procedure is for you. People say it is a mini facelift, as by improving your brow shape it frames and defines the shape of your face making you appear more youthful.  We also offer powder brow  as well as Blade N Shade(Combination) which is a beautifully shaded brow, it looks more full than the feather stroke but leaves a more defined shape and looks amazing. You can even combine both techniques (Blade N Shade) for a wow effect!


Permanent makeup for the lips is ideal for women wanting more defined lips, fuller appearing lips or a more perfect pout. Cosmetic Lip Tattooing takes the hassle out of having to reapply lip liner and lipstick throughout the day. Like our days aren’t busy enough!

Apart from enhancing the shape and fullness of your mouth, it is also used to correct imperfections – perfect if you have lost colour due to cold sore’s or age, even a scar or accident.

Eyeliner/StarDust Liner/Lash Enhancement

More defined eyes make a huge difference to your face. Making your beautiful features stand out even more, so getting the look with permanent makeup is the solution to never being under done ever again!

Permanent eye make up is a perfect solution for giving you the look that you love all day and all night without the pain of it smudging or coming off.

Stardust liner is a blended enhanced liner which creates the illusion of eyeliner and shaded makeup all in one! This is perfect for hooded eyes, and gives a great lifting effect.

Lash enhancement is tattooing only along the lash line, which makes your lashes appear darker and thicker, perfect if you don’t want the full eyeliner look.

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