What Are the Health Benefits of PEMF Therapy?


Because PEMF therapy enhances cellular health and function, its benefits extend to the entire body. The list of health benefits continues to grow as research uncovers more of exactly how PEMF works, but so far, PEMF therapy has been credited with:

Reducing pain

Decreasing inflammation

Accelerating healing Improving circulation

Enhancing cellular regeneration Boosting cognition

Supporting quality sleep


Essentially the energy emitted from PEMF devices is transmitted to your cells, and in turn, your cells harness that energy to perform their functions more efficiently.

What is PEMF Therapy?

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field. Devices that utilize PEMF technology emit electromagnetic waves at different frequencies in order to stimulate and encourage your body’s natural recovery process. You’re probably wondering how PEMF technology can benefit your body when other electromagnetic fields - like those produced by microwaves and x-ray machines - are harmful.

 The waves created by PEMF devices occur in brief bursts and are very low-frequency, like the electromagnetic waves found in nature. In fact, most waves involved in PEMF treatments have a lower frequency than you would be exposed to during a thunderstorm.

How does PEMF Therapy relieve Pain

Your whole body, including skin, bones, and organs, is composed of cells. The membranes of healthy cells have positive and negative magnetic charges. These charges are required to exchange ions carrying chemical elements your body needs to function, like calcium and potassium. Over time your cells deteriorate or get injured, and when that happens they lose their magnetic charges - and with them, the ability to exchange ions. Symptoms like inflammation, fatigue, and pain are caused by damaged cells with low charges. PEMF technology targets the affected area and restores cells’ healthy electromagnetic charges.