Ambassador Program

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Two great ways to benefit from being an Sxcess Cosmetics ambassador.

Make 20% commission off every initial sale for referring a friend.

The person you are referring also saves 20% on their very first appointment.

It is that simple.

mple as possible. We even give you help and advice to gain as many referrals as possible.


Click on the link and fill out a simple form and we will be in touch

Learn more about our Ambassador program

HOW DOES THIS WORK? 1. Upon joining This program you will receive a coupon code and a booking link . 2. Forward This link and coupon code to anyone you would think would be interested in our services! 3. When they book in They use your coupon code to get the discount on their selective service 4. When they book in you will receive your commission within 72 hours via E transfer!

5. Watch out for emails from us, providing you with help to make more cash.

What will help you get the most out of this program?

Making the most out of your social media presence. Ideally not only will you have an engaged following, you will also engage on other people’s posts. We are looking for individuals with a high-profile social media presence and personality. We will also show you how to share content to gain more referrals with our own inhouse marketing team.

Ability to refer people. For you to get the most out of this program you need to be comfortable referring services and products to all that know you both in person and on social media.

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